2017 USAC .25 National event - "Battle at the Brickyard" - Participants pose with Grand Marshal Arie Luyendyk for opening ceremonies (under the bleachers at IMS due to rain on the track.  Proved to be one of the largest Openings in the history of the USAC25 Series.  (Thanks for the great photo Shawn Springer)




Winners - 2018 - USAC 25
"Battle at the Brickyard"
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Photo Caption – front row – Tristan Boschele of NC (Red Rookie) Bristol Spicola (of CO (Red Rookie, Kanon Posey of IN (Jr Honda, Jr Animal), Back row – Nick Loden of NC (Lt 160 Honda, Sr Honda, Briggs Lt World Formula, & Sr Animal) Daytona Spicola of CO (Briggs Unrestricted Animal), Colsen Cochran of GA) Hvy Honda, Bobby Elliott of OH, (Hvy Formula Mod), Ryan Wilson of AL (Hvy 160 Honda), Hunter Wise of PA (Lt Formula Mod), Michael Crafton of TN (Briggs Hvy World Formula)



505 Cars Registered for the
USAC 25 “Battle at the Brickyard” 2018


Victory Lane both after the races - Mr Butch interviewing all of the winning drivers, the traditional "IMS" drinking of the milk in the specially engraved milk bottles, the traditional "IMS" wreath, the traditional #USAC25commemorative BRICK, the winners banner, the Honda Bucks, the Hoosier Racing Tire Winner Sticker & neck band, the Briggs Hats, and the gold, silver, & bronze medallions.

Don’t forget the Pizza Party and the 505 cars that showed up at Indy and of course the “Lap Around the Track” setting a new world record of cars (253) gridded on Indianapolis Motor Speedway all at once. The 2018 Battle at the Brickyard has come to a close for 2018.  See ya next year, Indy.  You gave everyone at USAC25 so many new memories to cherish forever!





Jr Honda A Main

  1. Kanon Posey 

  2. Corbin Rueschenberg

  3. Kaelyn Kinley

  4. Roberta Hudson

  5. Blake Lauderback

  6. Kiptyn Stratton

  7. Ethan Burdett

  8. Gunnar Pio

  9. Drew Sherman

  10. Jensen Long


Sr Honda A Main

1. Nick Loden

  1. Collin Mitchell

  2. James Andrichuk

  3. Jackson White

  4. Bradley Erickson

  5. Kaylee Boston

  6. Matthew Roberts

  7. Gavin Miller

  8. Mason Beinhower

  9. Gavan Boschele


Hvy Honda A Main

  1. Colsen Cochran

  2. Taylor Watson

  3. Daytona Spicola

  4. Aidan Salisbury

  5. Ryan Wilson

  6. Boston Oliver

  7. CJ Horn

  8. Ethan Brown

  9. Austin Evans

  10. Brady Allum


Lt 160 Honda A Main 

1. Nick Loden

2. Jacob Denney

3. Gavan Boschele

4. James Andrichuk

5. Chase Spicola

6. Hunter Wise

7. Collin Mitchell

8. Preston Lattomus

9. Jonathan Shafer

10. Bryce Lucius


Hvy 160 Honda A Main

  1. Ryan Wilson

  2. Cam Fiser

  3. Justis Sokol

  4. Taylor Watson

  5. Daniel Dye

  6. Michael Crafton

  7. Dalton Dowdy

  8. Justin Grosso

  9. Ethan Brown

  10. Adrianna Delliponti


Briggs Jr Animal A Main

  1. Kanon Posey

  2. Paul Hartwig III

  3. Ethan Burdett

  4. Garrett Gumm

  5. Skyler Keeney

  6. Drew Sherman

  7. Gunnar Pio

  8. Vance Moerch

  9. Corbin Rueschenberg

  10. Lincoln Smith


Briggs Sr Animal A Main

  1. Nick Loden

  2. Gavan Boschele

  3. Chase Spicola

  4. Collin Mitchell

  5. Colby Stottlemyer

  6. Bryce Lucius

  7. Preston Lattomus

  8. Thomas Prychka

  9. Gavin Miller

  10. Jacob Denney


Briggs Unrestricted Animal

  1. Daytona Spicola

  2. Taylor Nibert

  3. CJ Horn

  4. Judson Miller

  5. Daniel Dye

  6. Bobby Elliott

  7. Cam Fiser

  8. Aidan Salisbury

  9. Dalton Dowdy

  10. Jared Kreider


Briggs Lt World Formula

  1. Nick Loden

  2. Hunter Wise

  3. Jackson White

  4. Bryce Lucius

  5. Collin Mitchell

  6. Colby Sokol

  7. Matthew Roberts

  8. Gavan Boschele

  9. Colby Stottlemyer

  10. Logan Rumsey


Briggs Hvy World Formula

  1. Michael Crafton

  2. Steven Snyder Jr

  3. Cam Fiser

  4. Dalton Dowdy

  5. Taylor Watson

  6. Judson Miller

  7. Daytona Spicola

  8. Colsen Cochran

  9. Aidan Salisbury

  10. Justis Sokol


Lt Formula Mod
1. Hunter Wise

2. Chase Spicola

3. Jackson White

4. Colby Sokol

5. Paul Owens III

6. Bryce Lucius

7. Nick Loden

8. Steven Snyder Jr

9. Colby Stottlemyer

10. Bryce Massingill



Hvy Formula Mod

  1. Bobby Elliott

  2. Justis Sokol

  3. Judson Miller

  4. Greyson Springer

  5. Dalton Dowdy

  6. Cody Britt

  7. Taylor Watson

  8. Taylor Nibert

  9. Daytona Spicola

  10. Josh Reid

Can you only imagine how it would feel to take a lap around the most famous racetrack - Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  So few ever get the chance.  USAC25 Drivers get the opportunity to do it - once a year!  A new record for 2018 - over 243 cars on the grid at once! (ds)

Steven Snyder Jr sat on the pole with Nick Loden, Hunter Wise, Jackson White and Gavan Miller (front row)

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