USAC and NASCAR Announce New Partnership in Youth Racing

In an effort to continue to grow the motorsports community and offer unique opportunities to kids and families, USAC and NASCAR have teamed up to form the NASCAR Youth Series, which will debut as the quarter midget series brand starting in 2023. This new series will be recognized as a NASCAR Regional Series. Nine Championship Races Slated in 2023 in Conjunction With NASCAR Cup Events


In a joint announcement held today at Talladega, USAC and NASCAR announced today a new partnership in the sport. Starting in 2023, USAC's .25 program will now be known as The NASCAR YOUTH SERIES After more than 90 years in the making, quarter midget racing will now be on the main stage. For the past 14 years, USAC has built the largest youth motorsports championship with the USAC.25 Series. We are very proud to have grown from five local clubs in 2009, to nearly 60 tracks throughout the nation, with multiple Regional Championships, and an over-the-top National Championship which runs at iconic venues such as Daytona International Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

USAC.25 Update

Upcoming Races:

Everything you need to know for the Tri City Dirt Nationals!

The Tri City Dirt Nationals will be held June 2, 2022 through June 5, 2022.

USAC25 Weekly Update (5/30/22-5/6/22)

This past weekend several clubs all across the country raced! Orange Show Quarter Midget Racing Association hosted the 3rd USAC25 Super Regional. Below are the results from the race. Points are now updated and can be found at

Oct 7 - Oct 9
Abe Lincoln Dirt National